USB C Multimeter Tester, Hommie USB Power Meter, 2 in 1 Type C USB Tester IPS HD Color Screen LCD Digital Multimeter, USB C Voltage Current Detector Tester Come with OTG adapter


  • USB C POWER METER TESTER: The multimeter tester can monitor Voltage, Current, Capacity, Electric Quantity, Power, Temperature, Resistance, Charging Time and other data of the USB or type C Devices to maintain timely and protecting your device well. Maximum voltage/power up to 30V/150W.
  • IPS HD COLOR SCREEN: The USB power meter adopts the upgraded IPS HD color scree

Product description

Wanna a USB Tester to get know the state of your USB device and Type C device? Need a powerful USB Tester combined detector and adapter into one? Hommie USB Tester is the best choice. With its IPS HD color screen, you can easily know the charging state and process of your device in real time. Multiple interfaces is helpful for charging your devices with USB, USB C or Micro USB port!

Multi-Interface Display. 
IPS HD color screen is clearer and more delicate to display the data. 3 Kinds of personalized interface are freely selected for you.
Test Charging Speed & Quality of USB Cable. Under the circumstance of the constant power supply and sustained load, you can judge the quality and charging speed of USB C cable via the changes of voltage detected by this tester.
Test Capacity and Electric Energy of Power Bank. Accurately detect the capacity and electric energy of your power bank. Note: Make sure the power bank to be tested is fully charged firstly.
Notebook Charging Measurement. Support to test the Notebook with high-power, monitor the condition of battery aging, and evaluate the Quick Charging Situation of Notebook.

1.If you use the USB cable to connect (Such as charging your laptop), please pay attention to the quality and input of the cable, especially the maximum current.
2.While charging your smart phone or computer, please do not use Micro USB input interface.

Model: J7-C
Color: Black
Screen: IPS HD color screen
Interface: USB input, USB output, Type-C input, Type-C output and Micro USB input
Item Size: 7*7*1.2cm/2.76*2.76*0.47in
Item Weight: 70g
Package Size: 8*8*1.5cm/3.15*3.15*0.59in

Package Contents:
1.USB Tester*1
2.OTG adapter*1
3.User Manual*1