Hommie Careers

At Hommie, we believe that true innovation is all about changing, renewing or creating more effective products that make life simpler. As a professional seller, we have improved our player for more than 100 times based on suggestions offered by our customers and will keep improving.

Hommie will continue co-developing products with customers based on their feedback to update the using experience on both the hardware and software. We will also continue testing new ideas, putting idea into practice, bringing new products to market and building out our own product line. The support of Hommie fans, and our unwavering dedication to innovation, is the primary driving forces behind Hommie products.


Our Mission

Hommie is relentless in pursuing the latest technology of products and in providing the best possible user experience. We design, develop, manufacture, and promote our own products to assure customers of reliable, cost-effective but the high quality products possible.

Founded in 2017, Hommie has consistently strived to deliver the best but affordable products since its beginning. We create remarkable high-quality products for and with the help of our customers, use superior hardware compared with our competitors. As Hommie continues to expand into new markets, the goal of making our products more accessible around the globe without compromising product service and quality has been clearer than ever. Hommie is walking in a way to become a global brand all over the world.


Our Belief

Hommie will strive continually to capture and impress the customers with simple but elegant design, customer-centered engineering, quality product, incomparable user experience and most importantly, the attitude of the relentless pursuit for perfection.