Hommie 20 Packs Tens Electrodes Pads, Self Adhesive Pads Long Lasting Pads for Tens Machines(5cm*5cm)


  • ✔Wide Applicability: The replacement Tens Electrodes Pads of self-adhesive gel electrodes in the size 50 x 50 mm,very versatile, suitable for all types of electrode machines.
  • ✔Reusability: The replacement Tens Electrodes Pads combines high conductivity, strong adhesion and low irritancy, so you can use it with confidence.In addition, it can be reused after cleanin

Product description

The Hommie Replacement Tens Electrodes Pads is highly versatile and suitable for all types of electrode machines. The electrode sheets are highly viscous and reusable, and the electrode pads are flexible, soft and comfortable.
They fit your body and provide a larger footprint to make you feel better. It is the perfect choice for electromagnetic therapy gel stickers.

Take a break after 15 minutes of use to ensure that your skin does not get too tired.
Don’t worry if your electrode pads are no longer sticky. You can clean the electrode pads in a variety of ways for the next time.
(1) Before using the product, please make sure that your skin is free of any dirt, oil or lotion. Use the pads on clean, flat skin, no sweat, no oil. If these objects stick to the skin, the gel pad does not stick well.
(2) Wash the mats under running water, let them dry naturally.
(3) Make sure both pads are on your skin. If you only use one pad, it won’t work well.

20*Tens Electrodes Pads