200 Pcs Ear Thermometer Probe Covers, Refill Caps, Lens Filters Compatible for All Braun ThermoScan Models and Other Types of Digital Thermometers Disposable Covers (200 pcs)


  • 【For All Braun ThermoScan Models】 Suitable for all Braun Thermoscan models including Exactemp Thermoscan 7 IRT 6520, IRT6020, IRT6500, Braun Thermoscan 3 IRT3030, IRT3020, IRT4020, IRT4520, IRT Pro4000 IRT Pro6000 and Braun Thermoscan IRT1020, IRT2020, IRT2520 and so on.(Each 20pcs is individually packaged, at the same time, we can also provide CE certification to ensure its hygiene and safety).
  • 【Full automatic detection】 Automated top and bottom thickness detection to e

Product description



For all Braun ThermoScan models

Our replacement protective caps fit all Braun ear thermometers: 6520, 6500, pro3000, pro6000, IRT1020 / IRT2020 / IRT2520 / IRT3020 / IRT3520 / IRT4020 / IRT4520 / Pro4000 / Pro6000 / 6500/6020/6520





Delivery: 200 ear thermometer protective caps
Product color: transparent
Material: plastic (BPA-free), 0% latex
Package size: 14 * 8.4 * 5.4cm / 5.51 * 3.31 * 2.13in
Package weight: 102g
Working temperature: 0-40 ℃
Storage temperature: -20-60 ℃

Warm tips

Please DO NOT touch the covers directly with your hands to avoid cross infection. Throw it in the trash after each use. If you have any further questions about our ear thermometer lens filters, please do not hesitate, we will give you the best solution.





Universal compatibility.

Compatible with all Braun Thermoscan models, including Thermoscan 7 (IRT6520 / IRT6520B), ThermoScan 6 (IRT6515), Thermoscan 5 (IRT6020 / IRT6500), ThermoScan 3 (IRT3030), IRT1020 etc.


Very accurate.

Extra thin ear thermometers ensure a highly accurate measurement. In addition, the covers can protect the lenses of the thermometer from scratches and debris that will not affect the accuracy of the temperature measurement due to damage to the lens.


Reliable and safe.

Our replacement protective caps are disposable, BPA-free, latex-free and 100% recyclable. It can be used in children and adults.


100% hygienic.

By replacing the cover after each use, cross-contamination between different users can be avoided.


Easy to handle.

Just four steps to use the ear thermometer covers. Note: Avoid direct contact with the probe cover during use.