Hommie Replacement Gel Pads for EMS Abdominal Muscle Trainer Toning Belt


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Product description

The hydrogel gel pads are safe and comfortable and rich in water gel active factor. They are indispensable accessories for EMS abs trainer, with which you can strengthen your body muscles and shape your body.

Since the gel pads are consumables, you are supposed to replace with a new one in following circumstances:
i.When you obviously feel the decrease in conduction performance and strength.
ii.When gel pad loses its adhesiveness.
iii.When its surface dries out/damaged/gets dirty.



⇨ Clean and dry your skin before use.
⇨ Put it back into the box after use.
⇨ Usage Times: About 30 times in good maintenance.


☺ Package list 

30 * Replacement Gel Pad