Hommie Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector for Home Security, Voice Warning CO Monitor Battery Operated with LCD Digital Display and Peak Memory, 10 Years Lifespan


  • Easy to Read. 1 inch Digital screen displays real-time level of carbon monoxide the unit is sensing. It updates the status every 1 seconds for timely and accurate readings. Three intuitive indicators indicate the status: green (power), red (alarm), yellow (failure).
  • High-Sensitivity and Loud Alarm. Adopt electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor--the most accurate technology available. When the alarm detects a threat, it alerts you with a loud 85-decibel alarm, timely warn y

Product description

CO alarm is an important part of your family’s home safety plan, since CO is completely undetectable by human senses but highly toxic. Designed to promote peace of mind and household safety, the Hommie CO alarm features an advanced electrochemical CO sensor that detects carbon monoxide leaks from a variety of sources. When the alarm detects a threat, this carbon monoxide alarm will let out an 85 db beep that’s as loud as a blender.
Warning Tips:
1.This CO alarm can only warn you of the presence of CO. It does not prevent CO from occurring, nor can it solve an existing CO problem. It can’t detect smoke, fire and other gases.
2.It can be only used at residential application, not suitable for usage on vehicles, boats, factory, shopping malls, etc.
3.It should avoid contact with organic solvents, coatings, pharmaceutical, oil and high concentrations gas.This unit cannot be used in environments containing corrosive gas, which can damage the unit.
4.It can not bear excessive shock or vibration. Never disassemble the unit; the electrolyte leakage can cause damage.
5.It cannot be used in environments with strong wind movement. It will take a long time for this unit to return to the initial state after used in high concentrations gas long time.

Power: 3PCS AA 1.5V Battery
Screen: 1 inch TFT LCD Display
Sensor Type: Electrochemical
Gas Detection Type: Carbon Monoxide
Alarm Activation:
50ppm – 99ppm (60-90 min)
100 ppm – 299ppm (10 – 40 min)
≥ 300ppm (0 – 3 min)
Operation Temperature:-10- 45℃(32-113℉)
Ambient Humidity: 15% – 90%
Alarm Decibel: 85 dB at 1 m (3.3 feet)
Product Weight: 192g (6.77oz)
Product Size: 12.5*7.5*3.3cm(1.34*4.92*2.76in)
Product Life: 10 years

Package list:
1 * CO Alarm
3 * AA Battery
2 * Screws
2 * Pins