Hommie 50PCS Picture Hangers with Different Sizes, Iron Alloy Nail Hooks Photo Picture Frame Hangers Professional Plaster Picture Hanging Kit on Wooden/Drywall Hanging Hardware for Clock, Mirror, Jewel


  • 【Assorted Hangers Kit】Comes with 50 pieces of one step hangers, abundant quantity which will meet your various needs. Available in 4 different sizes, including 10 lbs (15pcs), 20 lbs (20pcs), 40 lbs (10pcs), and 60 lbs (5pcs), allow you to hang your pictures and other wall arts in different specifications.
  • 【Keep Your Space Organized】Suitable for hanging pictures, paintings, ornaments, art pieces, clock and other lightweight objects. Organize various items and hang tidily,

Product description




Are you troubled with that

Receive mismatched quantity of hooks?

The items on the hooks fell off the wall suddenly?

Hooks are easy to bend and hard to hang pictures?

Meet with hooks that have lower weight capacity?

Hommie Picture Frame Hanger Kit, a variety of size to use according to your needs, perfect to hang works of art and decorative items on your wall for beautiful decoration.





✔50 Pieces of one step hangers in 4 different sizes, enough quantity and various size meet all your needs.

✔These quick picture hangers help effortlessly hang your lightweight pictures, artwork, and home decor.






✔Come with one transparent box which helps the picture hooks well-organized. And it is convenient to pick out hangers for every-time use.

✔Made of quality Q195 iron alloy, not easy to break, durable, strong and more resistant.






✔These picture hangers are reusable. And when removed the picture hooks, only leave a small pin hole in wall and reduce damage to wall.

✔Designed to keep your items hanging securely because of the angled hook design.





Material: Q195 iron alloy

Working Load Limit: 10 lbs, 20 lbs, 40 lbs and 60 lbs

Quantity: 50pcs in total


Package Contents:

15 x 10 lbs One Step Hangers

20 x 20 lbs One Step Hangers

10 x 40 lbs One Step Hangers

5 x 60 lbs One Step Hangers